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Theme 23: Hot Chocolate

Title: Raspberry Chocolate
Author: [info]sky_wanderer (Alantie)
Characters: Sora, Kairi, Riku, Selphie, Wakka, Tidus
Rating: PG
Summary: Ice skating and hot chocolate

In a flash of crimson, pink, and purple, Kairi glided across the ice to the benches, sitting down with a thump, an exhausted laugh escaping her lips. Leaning down she loosened the laces on her ice skates, before sitting back against the bench with a relieved sigh. She loved ice-skating, but it was just so exhausting.

Violet-blue eyes fluttered open and she gazed out across the skating rink. It seemed that all of the town was out that night, at least all the young teenagers. Selphie fluttered by, hand in hand with Tidus, and both waved at her cheerfully. Chuckling, Kairi returned the gesture, hiding a smirk as Wakka glided up silently behind them to stuff a snowball down the blond’s shirt. Sora and Riku flashed past as well, being their usual competitive selves with a race around the rink.

Kairi shook her head, a smile on her lips as she closed her eyes once more, humming along with the traditional carols that were playing out of the loud speakers. Christmas was only two weeks away, and she was still pondering on gift giving ideas. She shivered, rubbing her hands up and down her body through her pink and purple jacket. The awareness of another presence made her open her eyes just as a cheery voice spoke to her.

"Hot chocolate?"

Taking the steaming Styrofoam cup the brunette boy offered her, she scooted over to make room, allowing him to plop down beside her. "Thank you," she said gratefully, sipping the chocolate liquid topped with whipped cream. There was a hint of raspberry and her smile widened, eyes sparkling.

Sora noticed this and grinned. "I figured you’d like the raspberry hot chocolate instead of just the plain."

"You thought right," she told him with a grin. "Where’s Riku?"

"Off flirting with some blond," he told her, taking a swig of his own drink. "You know how he is."

Kairi raised an eyebrow. "Not upset that he ditched you, are you?"

He flashed a grin. "Naw," he assured her. "It’s good that he’s actually taken an interest in a girl."

"You mean a girl besides me?"

Sora flushed crimson, staring down into his cup. "Well, uh- that is-"

Her laughter cut him off and she leaned against him. "I’m teasing, Sora." Nuzzling closer, she sighed. "I’m happy for him."

His arm slid cautiously around her waist, watching as she took another sip of the steaming hot chocolate. Sora’s nose filled with the scent of chocolate and raspberry, somehow reminding him of the slender redhead in his arms. "Yeah," found himself replying, resting his cheek against her silken hair. "Me too."


Nov. 30th, 2011 02:07 pm (UTC)
Извините за то, что вмешиваюсь… У меня похожая ситуация. Пишите здесь или в PM.


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