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Theme 9: Frost

Title: Frozen Pictures
Author: [info]sky_wanderer (Alantie)
Characters: Sora, Kairi
Rating: PG
Summary: An interesting way for two children to pass a cold winter day.

Warm breath ghosted across the frosted glass, and the delicate ice crystals began to melt. A small squeak of dismay from his companion made the small boy glance over at her.


“You’re melting my art!”

Confused, he pulled away from the window to see more clearly where she was pointing. At first he saw only delicate lines and random patterns in the frost but then he began to piece them together into recognizable images. A tiny dog, mouth open in a silent bark chased a little bird toward a tree while a female figure stood in front of a little house watching the scene.

Startled and delighted at the same time, he pulled back even further, not wanting to destroy the picture with his warmth. “Sorry, Kairi. How did you make them?”

The red haired girl held up a long thin piece of wood she’d been using. “Like this. You can also use thimbles and just make things out of circles.” She slid down from the couch, pressing a thimble into his hand, holding one of her own. “Come on. I’ll show you!”

He allowed her to take his hand and lead him to a fresh window with a fine sheen of thin ice across it. The pair knelt on stools, reaching up to press their thimbles carefully to the glass. Never being much one for art, Sora kept things simple, crafting first a snowman, then a rolly polly cat like the one that always came around his house. Glancing over, he was delighted to see that Kairi had made an igloo and was working on a fat little Eskimo all bundled up against the cold. Their eyes met and the pair giggled before turning back to their pictures.

“What are you two doing to my windows?” Startled, the children looked up at Sora’s mother who was watching them, her hands on her hips. When neither answered for a moment, she squinted at the crystallized surface, leaning closer. “You’re making circles?”

Sora grabbed his mother’s hand, pulling her back. “Careful, Mommy,” he told her. “You’ll melt me and Kairi’s art!”


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