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#5, Gift

Title: What is Christmas? (chapter 5)
Author: eikou (JeiC)
Characters: Riku, Roxas, Namine
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gift shopping was one of my least favorite activities. I never quite knew what to get anyone.

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#8: Cookies

Title: Baking

sky_wanderer (Alantie)
Characters: Sora, Kairi
Rating: PG
Summary: He could never make cookies as well as she could.
A/N: Hello all! In an effort to get into the Christmas spirit I decided to join up here and write some Sora/Kairi short stories. I do plan on involving other characters, but the focus will be Sora and Kairi. I hope you will enjoy.


#4, Warmth

Title: What is Christmas? (chapter 4)
Author: eikou (JeiC)
Characters: Riku, Sora
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Growing up in the tropical climate of Destiny Islands has not prepared me for the cold winters here.

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#3, Snow

Title: What is Christmas? (chapter 3)
Author: eikou (JeiC)
Characters: Riku, Roxas
Rating: PG
Summary: Tugging on the sled, I enjoy the quiet of the forest outside of the castle, only the sound of my breath and the crunching of my footsteps through the snow keep me company.

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#2, Wreath

Title: What is Christmas? (chapter 2)
Author: eikou (JeiC)
Characters: Riku, Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald, King Mickey
Rating: PG
Summary: Why did I volunteer to help decorate again?

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#1, Chestnut

I hope I'm posting this properly. Please let me know if I need to fix it.

Title: What is Christmas? (chapter 1)
Author: eikou (JeiC)
Characters: Riku, Roxas
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What does a chestnut have to do with Christmas?

What is Christmas?Collapse )

 Hello everyone, and welcome to my Kingdom Hearts 25 Christmas Fanfiction challenge!

Yes, it's that time of year again friends. And this year, I'm kicking it off by starting this happy little community because fiction warms my heart as much as anyone, and tis the season, yes? Besides, perhaps doing a little challenge will help unclog some holiday writer's block for some people.

More info will be in the userinfo, please check it out for rules and such. Thanks! MxH


Kingdom Hearts 25 Christmas Challenge

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