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#9, Frost

Title: What is Christmas? (chapter 9)
Author: eikou (JeiC)
Characters: Riku, Sora
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Frost isn't always cold.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Kingdom Hearts…Square Enix and Disney do. I just have an overactive imagination and write silly stories.
Warnings: yaoi implications

What is Christmas?
Chapter 9

*by JeiC
Turning when I heard the kitchen door open and close quickly, I raise an eyebrow at my friend’s panicked expression. “Sora, what are you doing in here?”

Realizing he had been caught, he scratched the back of his head, looking from me to the project I had going on around me. “I, uh…I came to help!”

Rolling my eyes, I turn back to the dishes I had been washing, “Right. You do realize you don’t need a coat to be in here.” I had returned, only upon the King’s request, to make some snacks for this evening’s festivities. Okay, so really I volunteered because I felt bad that everyone was going to be happily singing around the fire, and, well…I can’t sing. Returning my attention to my companion, I smirk a his guilty expression, “Let me guess, you’ve incurred Kairi’s wrath again.”

“I didn’t mean to knock her snowman over!” the brunet cried, quickly hushing himself incase our female friend was hunting for him, “Look, please, please, please let me hide in here until she calms down.”

Gesturing to the large table in the center where a stool sat, I return to my previous tasks. “If she comes in here and finds you, I know nothing, so you’re on your own.”

Suddenly I get a hyperactive and cold hug from behind, “You’re the best, Riku!”

Biting down on my initial reaction, I can’t filter everything, “Gah! Sora, get off of me – you’re all wet. Take your coat off before you do that.” Turning, I flick my own warm, wet, sudsy fingers at my friend’s face. As much as I try to keep up appearances, I really didn’t mind the hug as much as it also drove me up a wall. He’s always been a tactile person so it’s hard to tell him to stop after all these years.

He immediately does as he’s told with a hurried apology, knowing that if he annoys me, I’ll feed him to the lioness hunting for him. Putting the last item in the drain to dry, the spiky-haired brunet speaks again, “Is there anything I could help you with? Actually, why are you doing chores anyway instead of being outside with the rest of us?”

Blinking as I dry off my hands, I comment, “I need them clean to make more snacks for tonight.”

Tilting his head to the side in confusion, his soft spikes trailing the movement before returning to their normal position sticking away from his head, my friend comments, “But Riku, you don’t cook.”

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that part. “Yes, I do. Where do you think those cookies came from yesterday?”

Blinking at me for a moment, it clicks, “Wait! Those are the same cookies you would bring to school for me and Kairi. You made those?!” His butt is off the stool with hands firmly planted on the table, a giant smile growing quickly.

This is bad. This is very bad. “No, Sora, I’m not making them everyday for you.”

Pouting, my friend sits back down. “Seriously, man, why didn’t you say before that you had made them? I know they weren’t from the store ‘cause trust me, I looked, but…wow.”

Throwing my towel at my best friend, I comment, “It’s not that impressive.” Turning as the timer went off, I grab the oven mitts. I have no intention on burning myself today, thank you. Soon a tray of cookies, different from the ones I made yesterday, is resting on the cooling racks that I had placed on the table.

I turn around for a moment to get something out and no sooner had I turned back, but the automatic reflex to smack the greedy little hand away from the food kicks in. Blue eyes look at me pathetically while he clutches his injured hand.

Wielding the wooden spoon as for him to not even think of trying it again, I plop his task down in front of him, “You’re going to frost them, not eat them. You can have one later with everyone else.” We all know what kind of a walking disaster Sora is in the kitchen, but surely he can’t screw this up. “If even one is missing, you’ll be in the oven with the next batch,” I threaten as I turn to put a different batch of cookies in.

Cookies: plain, simple, but can be made so many ways. The gulp behind me probably has him thinking he just went from the frying pan to the fire by hiding in here.

The rest of the afternoon passes quietly, and Kairi doesn’t come my way looking for her prey. By now she should have calmed down. Probably resumed making her snowman, and holding himself back, not one cookie has gone missing to the bottomless pit known as Sora.

Sitting down before washing the dishes for the last time, I hope I made enough. Sora and I had chatted easily, which is something I missed, but I wasn’t about to get in the way of him and our redheaded friend getting together. It was going to happen – anyone could see that. It was just a matter of when. Since we had come back, I had backed down on my rivalry over her with him. I just didn’t have the energy to keep it up anymore even for appearance sake, and if only to get a rise out of the kid.

It was taking him a long time to frost the cookies that needed to have it, but he was trying so hard not to screw it up. Putting the cookies on two very large trays, I wait for both the spiky-haired boy to finish as well as for the last batch to cool enough. Fortunately, his task was finished before mine was ready so I instructed him to go wash the dishes.

With his back to me, I quietly got the trays in order and put plastic wrap around them for safer carrying, but not before putting two cookies aside. It didn’t take long for him to finish in which once he dried off his hands, I presented him with an oven fresh cookie. The smile on his face told me that every moment of torture that I put him through today was worth it. “Thanks, Riku…and thanks for letting me frost the cookies.”

Mussing his hair, I grab a tray without a word and head down the hall, knowing full well that my best friend wasn’t far behind.


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Dec. 11th, 2007 05:20 am (UTC)
Aww, sweet little moment between friends! I'm amused that Sora has discovered Riku's secret passion for cooking. I can just imagine Riku in a cute little apron. . . *dodges smack from Riku*
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